Rigid Laminated Rods&Tubes


Rigid laminated Rods & Tubes are made of different base materials, such as paper, cotton cloth, glass cloth impregnated with thermosetting resin, such as epoxy, phenolic, silicone or polyimide resin by processing of laminating or moulding under heat and pressure.


  • Excellent Electrical Insulation

  • Easy Machining


  • Insulation Part and Structure Part in Generator, Motor and Some Other Electrical Equipments


The core products include phenolic paper molded rods and tubes, phenolic cotton molded rods and tubes, epoxy glass cloth molded rods and tubes(G10 tubes/rods) etc.

Product Supply:

  • Outer Diameter: 8.0mm~120mm;

  • Length: 1000-1010mm

  • Packaging: 500~700Kgs / pallet (plywood, plastic)

If you require more details or other kind of mica products, please feel free to contact us.