why choose us ?

We can supply a wide range of electrical equipment& device for insulating materials production, includes exclusion line, taping line, twisting line, winding line, sliting machine, etc, with good quality, high efficiency, easy handling etc. proprieties.

  • good quality
  • high efficiency
  • easy handling

Becasue of our founder’s serveral-generation working in insulation industry, we have very deep understanding of the electrical equipment& device, with rich experiences&technologies and numerous resources.  All kinds of materials are available, and we also can customize materials according to your request. If you still can't find the suitable one, please let us know your request. Thank you!

Where to use?

It can be widely used for insulating materials production, like polyimide film production, pressure adhesive tape coating, wire&cable production, film, tape or paper sliting, etc.

Product list

Electrical Equipment & Device

Electrical equipments and devices are available for wire & cable production & Testing, Electrical insulation production & Testing, and customized equipments & devices per request. The popular ones are as follows:

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