It’s never too early to start thinking about your career path, it’s never too late either! If you’re excited about growing in your career, creating a career path is the perfect first step. Start working on your career path today!

Induction Training

Kying offers effective induction training when you joined us. We’ll give you a tour of the Kying office and Kymler factory, an introduction to key personnel, and an overview of the day’s and week’s agenda. Also you’ll know locations of break areas, the kitchen or lunchroom, coffee machines, conference rooms, and other resources.

We’ll have someone to guide you to learn about employee manual and information about the company’s history, organizational structure, policies, company values, and mission statement. Quick understanding of Kying can put you at ease.
Product Knowledge Training

We will provide a full set of product knowledge training, including product structure, characteristics, application, production, quality assurance, testing, marketing and market trend. Through training, you could get a comprehensive understanding of the product situation and its market position, and clarify the main development direction of the company. In this way, you can enter the role as soon as possible, integrate into the team, and complete the work with high quality and efficiency.

Skill Training

We will offer kinds of skill training by mentoring, master instructor inside and outside, professional books and network courses each years for each work position, such as production training, testing training, technology training, marketing trading, management training, financial training, purchase training etc.

Personal Development

Each position has its development path, from junior level to senior level, total 5 levels. There are two development paths for choice, one is to professional skill direction, the other is is to management one. Different Level with different requirements and chances, you will know each level situation and know how to go ahead, so you will have clear growth plan.