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Unsintered PTFE Film Model:KY-EF501

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Unsintered extruded PTFE film is a versatile, high quality, unsintered PTFE film with flexibility, excellent dielectric strength, fire-resistance, anti-corrosion properties, which make it ideal materials for coil winding, high-temp wire & cable insulation, electric hookup wire in aerospace and military industries. The chemical resistance and microporosity of this film also makes it suitable for use in Zinc-air battery applications.
•Flexibility, easy wrapping
•Excellent dielectric strength
•Flame retardant
•Excellent chemical Property
• Hi-temp wire & cable Insulation
• Electric hookup wire in aerospace and military industries
• Zinc-air battery applications
Main Specification                                     
   Items    Unit            Values
Thickness mm 0.05~0.25mm ± 5%
Density g/cm3      1.6±0.1
Volatile loss     %     ≤0.3
Tensile   strength MD     MPa    ≥10
TD     ≥1.0
at break
MD     %      ≥100
TD     ≥400
Dielectric strength (DC)     kV/mm    ≥80
Shrinkable rate MD     % ≤30
Dissipation factor(1MHz)    --- ≤0.0003
Dielectric constant(1MHz)    --- ≤2.2
Color available Natural color, Black, white, blue, green, red, yellow,
brown, orange, purple, gray
Slitting and Packaging
1, Width ≥5mm  Width tolerance: ±5%
2, Length ≥50: 
2, Core ID:76mm(3") , Core materials: Paper or plastic;
3. Packaging: Carton and Pallets.
Note: Above values are the accumulative typical ones by recognized testing method, but, in order to ensure you to select our products properly, please refer to above specification and test the samples based on your using purpose or feel free to contact us for more details.