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PET Adhesive Tape

•Good adhesion
•Excellent electrical insulation.
•Solvent resistance
•No resin residue
•Colorful tapes

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The PET Adhesive tape is made of polyester film coated with Silicone resin(KY6020S) or Acrylic resin(KY6020A) or Rubber resin(KY6020R) according to different application requirements.

•Good adhesion
•Excellent electrical insulation.
•Solvent resistance
•No resin residue
•Colorful tapes

•• Fixing of electrical coils in motors, transformers and electronic components etc
Item Silicone Resin 
Acrylic Resin
Rubber Resin
Color White, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue etc. White, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue etc. Blue, Green etc
Overall Thickness 0.06mm 0.06mm 0.06mm
Standard Length 33m (36yds) 33m (36yds) 33m (36yds)
Insulation Class F (155℃) B (130℃) B (130℃)
Peel Strength 2.5 N/cm 2.5 N/cm 3.0 N/cm
Tensile Strength 40N/cm 40 N/cm 40 N/cm
Elongation 50% 50 % 50 %
Breakdown Voltage 5 KV 5 KV 5 KV
Resistivity 1.0x1012 ohm 1.0x1012 ohm 1.0x1012ohm
Slitting and Packaging
1, Width: 6.0~1000mm; Nomial Length:33m (36yds)or 66m(72yds)
2, Core ID:38mm(1.5”), 76mm(3"), Plastic Core
3. Packaging: Carton and Plastic Pallet.

Note: Above values are the accumulative typical ones by recognized testing method, but, in order to ensure you to select our products properly, please refer to above specification and test the samples based on your using purpose or feel free to contact us for more details