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Glass Fiber, with high tensile strength, excellent electric insulation property, high-temp resistant and low thermal conductive coefficient, which is ideal choice for wrapping magnet wire, the basic material for non-alkali Fiberglass Textile Tape, braided textile sleeving, the material with glass fiber reinforced.

Glass Cloth is made of Non-alkali Glass fiber, with advanced technologies and the most modem equipments, with excellent properties of electrical insulation and processing, widely used for High-quality rigid Laminated Sheets, Rods & Tubes(G10/FR4;G11/FR5);, Mica Tapes, flexible laminates (GHG, HGH ), Varnished Glass Cloth etc.

Varnished Glass Cloth is produced by impregnation of non-alkali glass cloth with Polyester, Polyimide, Alkyd or Silicone resin, with good electrical properties and mechanical properties, widely used for wrapping or liner insulation in F & C class electric machines, electric apparatuses and transformers.

Electrical Fiberglass Textile Sleeving is Non-alkali fiberglass braided sleeving coated with rubber, acrylic, silicone or silicone according to different application requirements, by the process of baking at high temperature, with excellent electrical properties, corrosion resistant, excellent softness and elasticity, it's used as insulation materials and protective sleeves for electrical motor, electrical appliances, electrical instruments and apparatus and so on.

Polyester Fiberglass Banding Tape is made of parallel twisted E-glass yarns impregnated with special thermosetting polyester resin. With excellent flexibility and adhesion, and excellent properties of high tensile strength, impact resistant, high elasticity modulus, dimensional stability etc, widely used as ideal banding material for traction, transformer and lightning arrester etc.

Non-Alkali Fiberglass Textile Tape, with excellent heat-resistant and impregnating properties, is widely used for banding of coils in motor and electrical equipments.

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