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Electrical Flexible Laminates

•Excellent Electrical insulation
•Flexible and easy operation

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Electrical Flexible Laminates are made of 2 layers or 3 layers or multilayer of electrical insulation materials bonded with hi-temp resins. There are all kinds of laminates available from thermal class E to class H. Following table lists the nominal structures..

•Excellent Electrical insulation
•Flexible and easy operation

•Slot, layer and phase insulation in Motors, transformers and generators.
•Interlayer insulation in choke coils and dry-type transformers.
TYPE Structure Thickness
Max mm
Thermal Class
6520 Fish Paper+PET 0.13-0.30 1000 E
DMD D+PET+D 0.18~0.45 1000 B
DM D+PET+D 0.13-0.40 1000 B
DMDM D+PET+D+PET 0.2-0.9 1000 B
DMDMD D+PET+D+PET+D 0.2~1.1 1000 B
Unsaturated DMD D+PET+D 0.18~0.45 1000 F
Saturated DMD D+PET+D 0.18~0.45 1000 F
Prepreg DMD Epoxy+D+PET+D+Epoxy 0.18-0.45 1500 F class,
NMN/NM Nomex + PET + Nomex 0.16-0.65 914 F
AMA Aramid+PET+ Aramid 0.16~0.5 1000 F
MGM PET+Glass Cloth+PET 0.15-0.65 1270 H
NHN Nomex+Polyimide+Nomex 0.16-0.45 914 H
AHA Aramid+Polyimide+ Aramid 0.16~0.4 1000 H
HGH Polyimide+Glass Cloth+Polyimide 0.13-0.50 1000 H
GHG Glass Cloth+Polyimide+ Glass Cloth 0.20-0.50 1000 H
Prepreg DHD D+Polyimide+D 0.18-0.35 1000 H class, B-stage
Prepreg NMN Nomex+PET+Nomex 0.18~0.45 914 F class,
MMM PET+PET+PET 0.7-1.1 1500 B

Note: D –Dacron, Polyester Nonwoven Fleece; Polyimide-polyimide film;
PET-Polyester Film; Nomex-Nomex Paper; *Nomex is the Trade Mark of Dupont.

Slitting and Packaging
1, Normal width: 980-1000mm. Slitting width is available upon request.
2, Core ID:76mm(3") with Paper Core
3. Packaging:50-150kgs per roll; 500kgs-900kgs/Pallet

If you require more details or other kinds of flexible laminates, please feel free to contact us